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Signing of legally significant documents between residents of Kazakhstan and Russia online
Idocs is the first cloud platform in Kazakhstan for exchanging legally significant documents.

For signing documents, we use an electronic digital signature issued by the National Research Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan which ensures full legal significance, equivalent to a signature on paper with a seal.

What is idocs?

With the ability to also sign external documents in a single click thanks to electronic document management.
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On our platform, any company can

Organize reliable storage and convenient document retrieval on an encrypted server.
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Document templates and routes may be easily configured to automate and expedite business operations.
More than +100 successfully implemented individual solutions

International document exchange between Russia and Kazakhstan

First Kazakhstan legally significant digital document was launched in September 2023 between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

The project was approved by the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and the Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan.
The delivery speed
Security and confidentiality
Losing documents possibility
Transport companies
from 9 days
no guarantee
less than 10 seconds
confirmed by digital signature certificates
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Cooperation between the TTP RK (Trusted Third Party of the Republic of Kazakhstan) and the CC SIF (Certification Center of the State Information System) is regulated by the ongoing agreement on digital communications
Validation of the signature is carried out by the CC SIF with the support of LLC “Gazinformservice”

From the Russian Federation, the signature is made with the SimpSign platform.
Russian Federation
Validation of the signature is carried out by the TTP RK accompanied by JSC “National Information Technologies”.

From the Republic of Kazakhstan side, the signature is made at the idocs platform.
Republic of Kazakhstan
Legal Basis in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Law No. 370-II 'On Electronic Document and Digital Signature' dated 07.07.2003 (with subsequent amendments)

Article 1: 5-4) A trusted third party of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an information system that, within the framework of cross-border interaction, verifies the authenticity of a foreign electronic digital signature and an electronic digital signature issued within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
5-5) The national certification center of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a certification center that offers registration certificates and digital signatures to individuals or legal entities for the formation of electronic documents in state and non-state information systems’
Legal Basis in the Russian Federation
"Federal Law No. 63 "On Electronic Signature"
(with subsequent additions)

Статья 7, часть 4: "on the basis of an agreement between such participants, Esignatures established in compliance with international standards and foreign legal norms may be utilized in legal contacts between participants in electronic interaction

In such cases, electronic signatures are recognized as valid when used in legal relations between participants of electronic interaction, who are parties to an agreement, provided that they are confirmed by an accredited trusted third party, or an accredited certification center."
Residents of the Russian Federation (RF) and the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK) may now exchange and sign papers electronically while maintaining legal validity in both countries due to this innovative technology.
Our platform is designed to validate all necessary certifications and conduct regular checks with ease
Simplify your workflow with idocs!
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